Practical Aspects of International Boundaries and Sovereignty Disputes

List of Speakers

Helen Adams(King's College London)
Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary(University of Grenoble)
Claudia Aradau 
Agnieska Ason(Freie Universitšt Berlin)
Danae Azaria(University College London)
Marco Benatar(Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law)
David Betz(King's College London)
Ziv Bødtker(MalmBødtker Advokatfirma)
Ziv Bødtker is a recognized expert in various areas of PIL including treaty law, maritime boundary limitation, natural resources and Transboundary issues. She has served as a former diplomat with the Norwegian Foreign Service (1996-2011) and as a private lawyer, and was responsible for advising major international oil & gas companies on licensing and regulatory issues. She is the founder of Bødtker Advokatfirma MN, a boutique legal practice offering highly specialized PIL advice to Norwegian and foreign companies and foreign embassies in Norway.
Rodman Bundy(Eversheds Sutherland)
Aida ChammasSOAS University of London)
Charles Claypoole(Latham & Watkins)
Graham Coop(Volterra Fietta)
Klaus Dodds(Royal Holloway University of London)
Graham Coop(Volterra Fietta)
Pierre-Emanuel Dupont(Public international law advisory group)
Charles Gurdon(Menas Associates)
Berenice Guyot-Rechard(King's College London)
Michel Foucher(Ecole Militaire, Paris)
Enrique HernŠndez Sierra(University of the Republic of Uruguay)
Vincent Hiribarren(King's College London)
Ioannis Konstantinidis(University of Qatar)
Xuechan Ma(Leiden University)
Iain MacLeod(Legal Adviser, UK Foreign and Commonwealth office)
Tisungane Makato(Chambers of the Attorney-General of the Republic of Malawi)
Giorgio Mandelli(Volterra Fietta)
Tim Martin(International oil and gas expert)
Nick Megoran(University of Newcastle)
Maurice Mendelson(Blackstone Chambers)
Stephen Minas(King's College London)
Wendy Miles(Debevoise)
David Newman(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Giacomo Orsini(University of Essex)
Mike Pickup(Hesco Bastion Ltd)
Khawar Qureshi(Serle Court)
Catherine Redgwell(University of Oxford)
Dominic Roughton(Herbert Smith)
Richard Schofield(King's College London)
James Scott(University of Eastern Finland)
James Sidaway(National University of Singapore)
Suzanne Spears(Volterra Fietta)
Justin Strudherer(BP)
Matthew Tillotson(University of Leicester)
Robert Volterra(University College London/ Volterra Fietta)
Philippa Webb(20 Essex Street)
Ralph Wilde(University College London)
Sholeye Yusuf(AGC Malawi)