Practical Aspects of International Boundaries and Sovereignty Disputes

5-6 June 2017
Technical workshops the mornings of 6 and 7 June

The London International Boundary Conference 2017 will take place on 5-6 June 2017 at King's College London's Strand campus, with Technical workshops being held on the mornings of 6-7 June.

The event will provide a unique and multidisciplinary insight into the complex world of international boundary and sovereignty disputes. Speakers and panelists will be among the world's leading experts and practitioners in the field.

The speakers will examine recent developments in "hotspots" around the world, and discuss new and emerging ideas for the resolution and management of territorial issues from legal, geopolitical, technical, commercial and other viewpoints. The conference will examine how these issues affect such issues as: energy transportation; hydrocarbon and mineral exploration and extraction; migration; indigenous peoples; inter-State boundary and sovereignty disputes.

The London International Boundary Conference will attract all those with an interest in international boundary and sovereignty issues from the governmental, academic, commercial and IGO sectors. Representatives from UK and international media will be attending the Conference. The Conference, which will be a not-for-profit event, will be hosted by the King's College London (Department of Geography) and Volterra Fietta, the public international law firm.

Panel topics for LIBC 2017 include:

  1. Brexit, Falkland/ Malvinas, Gibraltar and the future
  2. Oil concessions and territorial definition
  3. Fences, borders and mobility
  4. Whatever happened to our borderless world/ The state of borders in 2017
  5. Hydrocarbons and boundaries
  6. Indigenous peoples and boundaries
  7. Transboundary pipelines
  8. Borderlands and borderscapes

Two workshops offering practical training in the technical aspects of maritime boundary delimitation and on submissions to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf will be offered. Maritime Zone Solutions Ltd will conduct a workshop on the Science and Application of Continental Shelf Delimitation on 6 June and The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) will conduct a three-hour workshop on the Technical Aspects of Maritime Boundary Delimitation on 7 June.