2022 London International Boundary Conference

Conference Schedule
Day 1: 12 December 2022
In-Person Event (12:30-5:00pm GMT) - the event will be broadcasted live for registrants
1:00-1:20pmWelcome from Robert Volterra and Richard Schofield
1:20-1:40pmA Plenary Tribute to Absent Friends

Speakers: Richard Schofield and Naho Mirumachi
1:40-3:10pmPanel 1: International Boundaries and Territorial Disputes: Latest Developments in the Global South

Chair: Angela Ha (Volterra Fietta)

    - Sarah Blakemore (CEO, Keeping Children Safe)
    - Rosa Freedman (University of Reading)
    - Victor Kattan (The University of Nottingham)
    - Tisungane Makato (Volterra Fietta)
    - Andrew L. Serdy (University of Southampton)
    - Gunjan Sharma (Volterra Fietta)
3:30-5:00pmPanel 2: Making Sense of International River Boundaries

Chair: Richard Schofield (King's College London)

    - Naho Mirumachi (King's College London)
    - Richard Schofield (King's College London)
    - Matthew Tillotson (University of Sussex)
Day 2: 13 December 2022
Online Event (1:00-6:00pm GMT)
1:00-2:30pmPanel 1: Pandemics, Boundaries and the Law

Chair: Robert Volterra (Volterra Fietta)

    - Thana Campos (University of Oxford)
    - Roojin Habibi (Research Fellow, Global Strategy Lab)
    - Olipa Jere (Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel of Zambia)
    - Ankit Malhotra (President and Co-Founder, Jindal Society)
    - Bhupinder Singh (SVKI University)
2:40-4:25pmPanel 2: The Jigsaw Puzzle of Territories and Boundaries

Chair: Dan Sarooshi (Essex Court Chambers)

    - Nergis Canefe (York University)
    - Saeed Bagheri (University of Reading)
    - Enrique Hernandez (University of the Republic of Uruguay)
    - Dan Kuwali (University of Lilongwe)
    - Brendan Plant (University of Cambridge, Twenty Essex)
    - Arman Sarvarian (University of Surrey)
    - Timothy Waters (Maurer School of Law, Indiana University Bloomington)
4:35-6:00pmPanel 3: Ukraine: Geopolitics and More

Chair: Richard Schofield (King's College London)

    - Otilia Dhand (Managing Director, Teneo)
    - David Hughes (Trinity College, University of Toronto)
    - Taras Kuzio (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)
    - Anais Mattez (Sciences Po)
    - Andrea Pelliconi (City, University of London)