List of panels and speakers

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Panel 1: Physical and emotional boundaries post Brexit

Professor David Ong
Dr Jamie Trinidad
Panya Xu
Dr Kieran Rankin

Panel 2: Borders and mobility / Building fences and barriers on land and at sea

Garth Schofield
Professor David Newman
Professor Andrew Serdy

Panel 3: Topical boundary-related aspects of the Law of the Sea

Dr Choi Jee-hyun
Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont
Dr Vladyslav Lanovoy
Angeline Asangire Oprong
Professor Seokwoo Lee

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Panel 4: The Global Commons and the Oceans/Beyond the 200m limit

Professor Ronán Long
Dr Bjørn Kunoy
Professor Maurice Mendelson
Dr Meagan Wong
Chris Whomersley

Panel 5: The Curious Incidence of Islands in the sea

Professor Petra Butler
Richard Schofield
Professor Clive Schofield
Stelios Gregoriou

Panel 6: Contemplating the Middle Eastern border

Álvaro Nistal
Dr Soran Barzinjy
Peter Waring
Dr Saul Kelly
Greg Shapland

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