Practical Aspects of International Boundaries and Sovereignty Disputes

Conference Workshops

The 2017 London International Boundary Conference workshops will involve a combination of lectures and practical sessions using a fictional scenario designed around issues present within maritime delimitation.

The London International Boundary Conference Technical workshop. Technical Aspects of Maritime Baselines, Zones, Limits and BoundariesWorkshop #1: Science and Application of Continental Shelf Delimitation

6 June 2017. 08h00 to 09h30

This workshop will be in two parts. The first will provide participants with the latest update on submissions to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in accordance with Article 76 of UNCLOS, focusing in particular on overlapping areas of shelf, both adjacent and opposite. Participants will have an opportunity to review these and discuss the significance of further potential submissions (such as, for example, current non-States parties like the US). The second part of the workshop will examine State and Court practice in defining maritime boundaries beyond 200M, and invite the group to propose and critically assess delimitation options for a number of regions facing this challenge.

    will be provided with all necessary materials, including workshop outline texts, supporting documents, charts and digital versions of presentations

Facilitated by:
Maritime Zone Solutions Limited
Dr Lindsay Parson
Dr Rosemary Edwards
Ms Beth Owens
Dr Walter Roest (IFREMER and Commission Member)

The London International Boundary Conference Technical workshop. Science and Application of Continental Shelf DelimitationWorkshop #2: Technical Aspects of Maritime Baselines, Zones, Limits and Boundaries

7 June 2017. 09h00 to 12h00

The aim of the introduction will be to provide an awareness of technical aspects of Law of the Sea. The workshop will be delivered from a technical perspective concentrating on the practical definition and source of baselines, limits, and maritime boundaries.

    The introduction is intended to be suitable for active participation, with a mix of presentations, practical exercises and opportunity for discussion. The workshop will provide practical introduction to maritime baselines, zones and maritime limits. Median and equidistance lines will be explained with opportunity to calculate examples. Concepts of equitable maritime boundaries will be outlined covering the geographic aspects of some jurisprudence followed by opportunity to use the ideas that have been discussed with a fictitious scenario.

Facilitated by:
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, Law of the Sea
Fiona Bloor, Consultant
Helena Patton, Senior Data Manager
Simon Blunt, Data Manager