List of panels and speakers

The organisers of the 2019 London International Boundary Conference ("LIBC") are pleased to announce the following panels and topics for the Conference taking place on 2-3 April 2019:

  1. Physical and emotional boundaries post Brexit
  2. Borders and mobility/Building fences and barriers on land and at sea
  3. Topical boundary-related aspects of the Law of the Sea
  4. The Global Commons and the Oceans/Beyond the 200m limit
  5. The Curious Incidence of Islands in the sea
  6. Contemplating the Middle Eastern border

The Conference, which will be attended by delegates and speakers from all over the world, will provide a unique and multidisciplinary insight into the complex world of international boundary and sovereignty disputes. In this edition of the Conference, experts from Marbdy Consulting Ltd and Maritime Zone Solutions Ltd will deliver workshops relating to technical and scientific aspects of maritime boundary delimitation and continental shelf demarcation.

For more information on the London International Boundary Conference 2019, including a Call for Papers and how to register, please monitor the space or email